Sinister Ink Smudge

The writings of Lyra O’hara

Transgressive short stories for the modern era.


You may want to condemn my actions. Paint me as a cruel vindictive man who used a local tragedy for political gain. Say that if you were in my position, there’s no way in hell you would’ve done what I had done. I doubt that. The reality of the situation is, I was just doing … Continue reading Pontious

Boiled Frogs

As I sit and watch terrorists ravage the capitol building, the only thing I can think about are boiled frogs. When you’re younger they tell you if you throw a frog into boiling water they’ll jump out.  If you slowly raise the temperature of the pot of water the frog is sitting in, the frog … Continue reading Boiled Frogs


No matter what people, the government, or the profiteers say, I will always believe that my actions were righteous. Nobody was hurt and nothing of actual value was lost. You can talk to me all day about personal property, but as far as I’m concerned, that property stops becoming personal when you’re shoving it into … Continue reading Billboards


Edited with the help of Max Syzmczak. For the record, yes; I used to strip. Say what you will about it, but after you’ve written the essays, applied for the scholarships, and gotten a part time job, the student loan debt is still whittling away at you. That’s when you’ll realize that the only way … Continue reading Boots

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